General Policies

Dr. Keohane's goal is to provide patients with safe effective technically advanced surgical techniques to maximize your cosmetic appearance.

The initial consultation will usually take approximately 30 minutes and in some cases will take longer. As such it is requested that you book your consultation at least several weeks in advance and the office staff will confirm the appointment with you 48 - 72 hours beforehand. If you are unable to keep this appointment it is required that you notify the office so that other patients can be seen in that time.

All surgical procedures are booked at least several weeks in advance and once a booking is made that time is reserved for you and your procedure. Cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by provincial health care plans or in most instances third party insurance, and as such are billable to the patient directly. 

Postoperative Care
For most procedures postoperative care can be provided by a responsible adult or family member, however, if postoperative nursing care by a registered nurse is required this can be arranged.

Communication With Your Doctor
Each case is individualized and in some instances may differ from what other surgeons have told you. Dr. Keohane emphasizes unique tailor made solutions rather than an assembly line approach. This means that overall results are pleasing both cosmetically and functionally and are able to stand the test of time. Ideal patient selection is important. As such Dr. Keohane will frequently correspond and liaise with your family physician. If however you prefer anonymity and this is feasible, then your wishes in this regard will be accommodated.

Dr. Keohane limits his practice to facial cosmetic and reconstructive problems of the face and neck. If your problems lies outside his area of expertise he will make the appropriate referral to other medical and surgical experts that he feels will be able to help you. 



Once you have decided that a surgical procedure is right for you, we will book the facility and anesthesiologists.

In advance of your surgery, you will be given pre-surgical preparation information, details about transportation needs on the day of surgery, post-surgical recovery guidelines and a full breakdown of all costs associated with the procedure. A pre-op appointment will be scheduled for you approximately two weeks prior to the surgery date.

Time for Payment
Payment for surgery is due ten days prior to surgery.

Methods of Payment
We accept payment by certified cheque, Mastercard, Visa and direct debit (Interac™).

Presurgery Deposit
A deposit is required at the time of booking the cosmetic procedure. In some instances cosmetic surgical fees are tax deductible and this should be discussed with your accountant or tax advisor. Cosmetic surgical procedures are GST applicable.

Dr. Keohane's fees reflect the complexity and time of the procedure performed, the use of associated technology, and in all cases include the professional fees of the Board Certified anesthesiologist and the facility fees of the institution in which the procedures are performed.

Surgery Location
Facial cosmetic procedures are most regularly performed in a fully accredited ambulatory surgical center. In some instances due to co-existing medical conditions it may be necessary to perform them in hospital. If this is the case the hospital does charge a per diem daily facility fee.