The Role of Beauty in Our Day to Day

As we enter 2014 it is my pleasure to wish all my patients a Happy New Year and best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2014.

Each New Year brings the possibility of life changes large and small – some we can control and some we cannot. I have always viewed my role as a physician-surgeon as that of helping my patients achieve their best aesthetic and functional outcomes. Most times this results in a small life change; sometimes the change is profound.

In the past I have discussed the “Neuroscience of Beauty” – the primal reason why we want to be attractive. In the Globe and Mail Saturday January 11, 2014, Leah Eichler, in her excellent column Women at Work, gives a more objective assessment of the “Beauty Premium” both in the workplace and life in general. In a nutshell, society rightly or wrongly places a premium on and rewards beauty. To quote Ms. Eichler “beauty pays off” and a “beauty premium” exists in the workplace. Ms. Eichler emphasizes that the total package – hairstyling, fashion sense and intellectual value- is of paramount importance to achieve success in life and the workplace. However, enhancing your basic attractiveness with cosmetic dentistry, a new hairstyle or tweaking those wrinkles and frown lines with Botox, Juvederm or perhaps a forehead lift may also be beneficial. The good news is that while it may be difficult to get a job promotion, it’s relatively easy to erase forehead wrinkles with Botox or plump up those thin lips with Volbella.

On that note, I am pleased to be attending “Rejuvenation of the Aging Face” a four day, world class Masters of Facial Rejuvenation program in San Diego. This annual event sponsored by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery will highlight new advances in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of facial cosmetic concerns. As always I am sure I will benefit from the expertise of the wide range of international speakers present.

Be sure to stay warm and safe – remember spring is only two months away.

Dr. Keohane