Springing into the Summer Season

As the first touches of spring begin, I thought it a great time to reflect on change. In March, I spent an informative weekend with Dr. Steven Pearlman, noted Facial Plastic Surgeon from Park Avenue New York City. He was a guest speaker at the annual conference of the Alberta Society of Otolaryngology in Lake Louise, Alberta. Dr. Pearlman provided some excellent information in relation to his work with non-surgical procedures in highlighting facial features. In particular, he discussed using Juvederm in combination with Botox to treat brow and lid droop. This led to in-depth discussions around primary and revision rhinoplasty and new face lifting techniques. The conference and my day-to-day treatment work with patients helped to remind me what an exciting time it is for facial enhancements and rejuvenations. There's never been more choice for those seeking change. I look forward to discussing these and other available treatment options with you at your convenience.

Enjoy the beauty of spring and be well!

Dr. John Keohane